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Cat Fab Cat Litter Mat, Extra Large Size, Non-Toxic, Easy Clean Kitty Litter Trapping Design

This is another one of our favorite products because of a few reasons. One reason is because it is so stylish and looks great even as a welcome mat! So if you want to save room and want to use it multi-purposely, then you can place this mat in a high traffic zone, so that you can wipe your feet, etc., while also using it to trap litter. It is also quite long which makes it great, since you want the mat to be as long as possible, so when your cat walks out of it’s litter mat, the mat will have more opportunities to wipe the paws to get all the litter off.

This product has a special design on the mat’s surface that allows it to wipe the paws of the litter in the fastest and safest way possible. When we were testing out the cleaning of the products, we definitely felt that this product was one of the easiest because we could shake it and the litter would fall right off and when we vacuumed it, the litter got sucked up very easily. As we said before, this product was one of the better-looking products and looks great on any floor. We highly recommend this product if you are looking for a stylish, but efficient product as this product is just that.